Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RENEW International: Faith-Sharing Materials for Lent

RENEW International recognizes that Lent is an ideal time for Catholics to enrich their faith and gain a greater sense of God's grace in their lives. RENEW International is a non-profit Catholic ministry organization renowned for their faith sharing materials. Their library comprises the largest online resource for parishes, parishioners, and small Christian communities. The mission of the ministry is to foster spiritual renewal by helping individuals or groups strengthen their relationship with God, deepen and celebrate their faith, and connect their faith with action in daily life. They have many strong selections to guide people year-round; however, certain materials are ideally suited for study and reflection during Lent.

"Forgiveness and Reconciliation," authored by Jean Marie Hiesberger, is part of RENEW's Impact Series. Through inspiring stories, it teaches how the acts of forgiveness and being forgiven will bring about the beauty and inner freedom of reconciliation. The book offers six sessions which demonstrate the connection between God's healing power and forgiveness. "Lenten Longings: Cycle C," authored by Catherine T. Nerney, SSJ, PhD and part of the Impact Series, is designed to work with individuals, seasonal groups, or small Christian communities. Written in simple language and using everyday metaphors, this material shares ways to surrender self, work for justice, and enrich prayer life. "Longing for the Holy: Spirituality for Everyday Life," is written by best-selling author Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, O.M.I. It should be required reading for anyone who wants to deepen their sense of God's presence in their life. The book addresses challenges within present day, which can impede the search for faith and celebration of personal spirituality. It focuses on the themes of Church community, sexuality, justice, and living a spiritual life. Other materials recommended by RENEW International for reading and reflection during Lent are: "Sedientos de Dios: una espiritualidad para la gente de hoy," and "Gleanings: A Personal Prayer Journal" which provides 170 pages where people can write about their thoughts, record feelings, and pray. RENEW International's complete faith-sharing library can be accessed by members at:

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